If you want to know a little more about us and what we may be like, don’t just take our word for it!

Dave Baskeyfield

Senior Leader, Catalyst Church

“The KLM team joined our church zoom to deliver prophetic words to our people. They connected strongly with everyone and the evening was amazing! They are such a gifted team and they deliver prophetic words with love and humility. It’s been such a blessing to link with KLM and I encourage others to do the same.”

Suz Tidey

Encounter & Beloved Conference Coordinator

We were delighted to have the team from KLM lead a training session for our Encounter Year Out students. The session was fully interactive and tailored to our group – we were certainly pushed out of our comfort zones! We all left feeling equipped to pray for others and encouraged by prophetic words we had received! Some of the team then ran a seminar for us as part of our Beloved Girls’ conference. Some of the girls had never prayed for, or even, received prophetic words before and came away really excited and encouraged. Lauren and Hosanna led the session prayerfully and sensitively. We will definitely be asking them to join us again for our next conference!

Yomi Peters

Lead Pastor RCCG Jesus Pavilion Belvedere

It was such a privileged and eye-opener to have Kingdom Living Ministries run the evangelism workshop for us at Jesus Pavilion in March 2020, shortly before the first lockdown. I have a burden to reach out to people of our new community when the church relocated to this new area, but it was proving difficult as we are unsure of the best way to go about it. The traditional evangelism we know and practising for years is not working in this new area. It was becoming a struggle, with this struggling in mind I invited Kingdom Living Ministries for a training workshop on street evangelism. It was inspiring to watch the evangelism team demonstrating the latest tools shown to us during the classroom workshop before going to the street. It was a delight for me seen all the classroom training translated into action on the street, and the people gave attention to the take the loving-kindness of our Father God that we offered. We were looking forward to when we will be able to complete the remaining workshop as soon as the lockdown and the situation in the country permitted.

Stephen Gunning

Director, ICCC UK / Business Unlimited

“Lauren and her team joined us for the whole of our residential weekend conference this year, and were amazing!  The seminar they took on Naturally Supernatural was excellent, the words they shared with some delegates were really encouraging, and a number of people testified to receiving physical healing during the weekend as result of their ministry.  One of our musicians had an ear that was totally blocked however it “popped open” after he was prayed for.  The team expressed real love and humility, yet with great boldness too – wonderful!”

David Cartwright

Service Leader, St Peter′s, Loudwater

“It was fantastic welcoming the KLM team to St Peter’s Church. The team were so encouraging and gave a great message on the topic of identity. After the message, they shared words of knowledge and prophetic words that they felt may be for people in our church. This gave opportunity for others to respond and receive prayer for the specific words. Many were blessed by the KLM team and it was refreshing to have a fiery group of believers join us in worship.”

Raj Hare

Community Leader, Agape Freedom Fighters UK

“Wow those 5 weeks went fast! I really enjoyed hosting KLM at my home [for their Royal Identity Modular Course] and I would highly recommend going through this teaching. They were very honouring of my home and those who came to do the course. I loved the way they started with the goodness of God as the foundation of their teaching, then proceeded to work through blockages and lies we may listen to. There were helpful tips of how to renew our minds with truth and I personally loved the talk on our true inheritance as children of God. Each speaker was engaging and loved that there was space in small groups to look at specific questions, which caused you so look deep at each topic. I also loved that at the end of each week there was an email with an overview of what was taught and a reminder of the helpful homework. Thank you Lauren and team for giving up your time and being so real and vulnerable.”

Melanie Perry

Destiny & Leadership Coach, Inspired Life Ministries

“When Joy and I ran the Destiny Activator Workshop in Guildford a team from Kingdom Living Ministries came each day and prophesied over each of our attendees and us! We were incredibly impacted by what they brought and how they ministered to us with words of encouragement and knowledge. I personally received very specific words about desires deep within my heart, things only God could know.”

Joy Ahearn

Destiny Coach

“Kingdom Living Ministries came to give prophetic words to participants on our Destiny Activator workshop. Looking back on this, I have realised that it was easy to receive words from them as they came with such love and affirmation, and also humility on the part of the team. I personally received some words which connected both to my recent past experiences, and to my calling and future. Listening to them again, just a few months later, I am encouraged by how they connect both with other words given to me, and to what I have heard God saying to me recently.

Recently, one of the participants who received words on the weekend excitedly shared a testimony with me and others about the changes which had followed the words, and she is happy for this to be shared as follows:

“I was given a prophetic word over the coaching weekend you ran earlier in the year. It was that I would be working in the education sphere to help with the transition of children. I had been given advice for a university lecturer that I should get a teaching assistant post to get the right experience for the course I am applying for, and I had NEVER wanted to go into education before.

Now I am working as a teaching assistant- I was offered the job on the spot back in February despite having no previous experience in schools. And this is a big time of transition as school as to look different with covid.””