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KLM are passionate about training and equipping you to grow in your relationship with God, learn who you are and the purpose upon your life, and empower you to live a life of signs and wonders. You are invited to become a part of a community of people passionately pursuing the presence and power of God.

Our online part-time course is every Wednesday in term time from 7-9pm on Zoom.

Our priority is our ministry to the Lord through worship, prayer and seeking His presence. You will receive practical teaching on growing and developing your relationship with God. Through learning more about the Father heart of God, there is freedom for you from past hurts, pain and sin.

The person you are is going to change the world! What does the bible say about who you are? If it’s all true, what does that mean for your life? You will receive teaching on topics such as the royal priesthood, sonship, righteousness and the believer’s authority.

“And these signs will accompany those who believe…” Mark 16:17. We believe that signs and wonders are a natural result of sons and daughters living in their true identity. You will both experience and be trained in prophecy, healing, miracles, encountering heaven, hosting the presence of God and more. Nothing is impossible. This is a safe environment for you to learn and grow.

We want you to dream big over your life. Throughout our courses we will be helping you to discover what you’re called for and how you can get there.

Your course will include:

  • Weekly teachings and activations to watch at your own leisure;
  • Weekly Zoom calls to answer any questions, pray, share testimonies, go through activations, prophesy etc.;
  • Termly invitations to join the in-person course;
  • Hands on learning where you will put what you’re learning into practice in a safe environment;
  • Termly personal team support;
  • Regular ministry opportunities;
  • Invitations to join national and international ministry trips.

Our courses take place over three years where you can complete a single year or all three.

Our First Year Programme in centred upon growing our intimacy with God with plenty of time for worship, prayer and the presence of God. The year includes teaching from our four main areas: intimacy, identity, supernatural lifestyle and calling. This is all covered in depth with a focus on activating you in these truths and gifts of the Spirit including in-depth identity and prophecy modules. You will regularly get to demonstrate the love and power of God in the local community, churches, businesses and streets. You will also have opportunities to be involved in extra off-site ministry and missions (both national and international).

Our Second Year programme includes everything above however the teaching is developed to include topics such as leadership, character, a deeper understanding of the spiritual realms and walking in a supernatural lifestyle, dream interpretation, preaching etc. You will have a project throughout the year to focus on and will also be providing support to first year students.

Third Years will have the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, passionate and growing team, learning to cultivate and sustain a culture and community of people growing in the things of God. Your year will be highly individualised and personally created around you, your gifts, your calling and your passion. You will take part in helping to facilitate KLM whilst also undertaking personal activities designed to further you (e.g. teaching, discipleship, administration, outreach, finances, mission etc.) You will be expected to attend a minimum of one day a week however the timing of this commitment can be flexible and you can opt to commit to more.

Term dates

1st October – 16th December

Half term: 27th October

6th January – 31st March

Half Term: 16th February

21st April – 7th July

Half Term: 1st June



We want to keep student costs to a minimum so that this course is accessible to everyone. The course cost does not include materials, missions or the cost of any retreats (which we hope to keep below £100 per student). Students will be supplied with a reading list full of encouraging and relevant books that we will read throughout the year that they will need to purchase.

You can either chose to pay the fees in a lump sum or you can pay monthly.

First & Second Year – £800 (or £80 a month over 10 months)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! If you complete your application form by 9pm on 30th April 2021 you will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on your course costs.

We don’t want money to stop people from doing the course, so if you would be unable to pay the full course fees please do contact us at to discus it.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the application form here. Please be aware that there is a £10 application fee and new students will need to provide two references (inc. a pastoral reference). You will need to complete the form in one sitting, so please have your information ready!
  2. Personal interview. You will receive an email inviting you for your interview. This is an informal meeting to go over your application. It will most likely take place over zoom.
  3. Application review. The team will review your application, references and interviews. Please be aware that only KLM staff will have access to private information.
  4. Acceptance email. We will inform you via email of our acceptance decision.

First Year Student

“I had some reservations about signing up for the KLM part-time course, with a busy family life, work and church commitments it seemed like it might be just too much to take on.  I’m so pleased I did sign up, as quite the opposite happened, it has actually added strength and joy to my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the combination of interesting talks, challenging ideas, fellowship and camaraderie of the team. The opportunities to move out of my comfort zone have changed my perspective on what is possible and what church is.  Lauren is a gifted leader, confident and safe, challenging in a way that gives you freedom to grow, the whole KLM team are supportive and enthusiastic and model Christian lives that inspire. 
I can honestly say its been one of the best courses I have experienced and would thoroughly recommend it!”