At KLM we are passionate about training and equipping you to grow in your relationship with God, learn your true identity and the purpose upon your life, and empower you to live a life of signs and wonders.

Testimonies from the Course:

While on the course we have seen students excel in their lives and see breakthrough as they have discovered more about who God has made them to be. Some examples are:

Your Course Will Include:

First Year

Our First Year programme is centred upon teachings from our four main areas that create your foundation: intimacy with God, identity in Christ, supernatural lifestyle and calling.

This is all covered in depth with a focus on activating you in these truths and gifts of the Spirit. 

Every week this will be enhanced with worship sessions, prayer and focusing on the presence of God.

You will regularly get to demonstrate the love and power of God in the local community, churches, businesses and streets.

Second Year


Our Second Year programme builds upon everything covered in the first year but specifically focuses on the following topics. Leadership, character, a deeper understanding of the spiritual realms, dream interpretation and preaching.

Third Year

Our Third Year is structured in-part, like an internship. You will become part of the dynamic wider team, learning to cultivate and sustain a culture and community of people growing in the things of God. 

Each week you will help facilitate KLM alongside further teachings and activities to further you in your specific gifts, calling and passions. 

This year is highly individualised and personally created around you.