North London In-Person Course

Our in-person course runs 2-days a week (every Thursday and Friday in term time) during which we meet together as the early church did: in fellowship, teaching, prayer, communion, outreach, worship and with an expectation of the supernatural.

Online Course

Our online course happens every Wednesday evening in term time on Zoom. With same content as the in-person restructured to an online setting.

Szkoła Internetowa

Nasz kurs online odbywa się w każdą środę wieczorem w semestrze na platformie Zoom. Z tą samą treścią, co w przypadku spotkania osobistego, przekształconego w ustawienie online.

Experience a day in the life of KLM. Join in for worship, Q&A, teaching, street ministry and more!


Alongside our annual courses we also run training events and modular evening courses for those who want to press into specific teaching and activation such as intimacy with God, our royal identity, healing, prophecy, evangelism and calling.

Course Foundational Teaching Areas


Our priority is our ministry to the Lord through worship, prayer and seeking His presence. You will receive practical teaching on growing and developing your relationship with God. Through learning more about the Father heart of God, there is freedom for you from past hurts, pain and sin.



The person you are is going to change the world! What does the bible say about who you are? If it’s all true, what does that mean for your life? You will receive teaching on topics such as the royal priesthood, sonship, righteousness and the believer’s authority.

Supernatural Lifestyle

“And these signs will accompany those who believe…” Mark 16:17. We believe that signs and wonders are a natural result of sons and daughters living in their true identity. You will both experience and be trained in prophecy, healing, miracles, encountering heaven, hosting the presence of God and more. Nothing is impossible. This is a safe environment for you to learn and grow. You will be able to regularly visit the local towns, businesses and streets to see people saved, healed and delivered.



We want you to dream big over your life. Throughout our courses we will be helping you to discover what you’re called for and how you can get there.