About Us

Our Mission

To train and encourage believers in Kingdom Living: to live and love like Jesus.


Foundational to developing a Spirit-led supernatural lifestyle is intimacy with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We encounter God as we grow a deep, loving relationship with Him through worship, the Bible, prayer and living in His presence.

We believe that everything flows from a place of intimacy with God and our hearts cry is to know and love Him more. We are a people of encounter.


When we want to know and live in our identity as children of God, we walk out our authority, royalty, holiness, anointing, passion, purpose and power just as the character of Christ.

Supernatural Lifestyle

We are all designed to live a supernatural lifestyle, just like Jesus. We grow in our spiritual gifts like prophecy, miracles and healings by actively pursuing, practicing and using them. We proclaim the Kingdom through our daily lives with love for people to be healed, saved and delivered.


As we pursue Kingdom living we are compelled by His love to surrender all to Him and be all that He intends us to be. His plans and purposes for us are good and as we are empowered and released to grow in our individual passions and giftings we see His glory manifest on earth in the world around us.

Bible verses that inspire us:

MATTHEW 28:18-19
MARK 12:28 – 31
MATTHEW 10:7- 8